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Annapolis Creed: Why Teacher Leaders Like Me Matter (Audiobook)

Annapolis Creed: Why Teacher Leaders Like Me Matter (Audiobook)

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Annapolis Creed: Why Teacher Leaders Like Me Matter

From Annapolis to the Classroom: Epiphanies of a Math Teacher’s Educational Leadership Journey Through an Unstated Rite of Passage, 15 Years of Teacher Leadership Experience Taught Me These 12 Rules

By Jordan B Smith Jr. Ed.D.

From Annapolis to the classroom: Discover key lessons on effective teacher leadership through the experiences of one courageous teacher

Have you ever wondered what sets successful teachers apart and how they positively impact the education system as a whole?

Are you interested in discovering the 
strategies and skills that teacher leaders use to inspire and motivate others, both in and outside of the classroom?

Would you like to draw from the experiences of a teacher leader who not only successfully navigated the challenges of racism but also of the education system?

Dr. Jordan B Smith, Jr isn’t like every other teacher you see walking the halls of schools – there are a number of things that set him apart from his colleagues:

  • His career in the military before entering the teaching profession

  • The unspoken rite of passage he went through in order to find success

  • His drive, determination, and passion to be the best educator possible

Through these differences, Dr. Smith was able to forge 
a successful career as a teacher leader for the last 15 years of his 19-year teaching career.

The best part? He is sharing all of the wisdom he gained over these years in this book so that you can apply what he has discovered to your career.

Inside these informative pages, you will discover:

  • The journey to becoming a teacher leader – including Dr. Smith’s personal advice to help you along the way

  • A collection of practical attributes to be a more effective teacher leader – with clear instructions on how to implement these in your own practice

  • The 12 rules to becoming an effective teacher leader – and tips on how to implement each right away

  • The role of teacher leaders in curriculum development – including a framework for effective collaborative curriculum development among teachers

  • How to build a strong school community (and how to get the entire school involved in the process)

  • How to lead meetings that don’t leave other teachers resenting you – including the two things teachers dislike in meetings more than anything else

  • The important attribute that is the “heart” of a school – discover the one rule that will build trust, respect, and compassion in your school

  • And much more.

    Whether you are a veteran teacher looking to transition into a teacher leadership role or you are starting as a teacher and looking for inspiration, this is the perfect book for you.

    Full of real-life experiences from a man at the front lines and advice on perfecting your craft, this book will keep you engaged from start to finish. Personal anecdotes with real insights from a teacher who has “been there, done that” and has the stories to prove it

Discover the art of being an effective teacher leader through the lens of one man’s journey: Scroll up and hit “Add to Cart” now.

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