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Against the Odds: Chronicles of Resilience (Book 1) Audiobook

Against the Odds: Chronicles of Resilience (Book 1) Audiobook

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Racial profiling. Queer unacceptance. Deportation fears.

Exclusion, exclusion, exclusion... When a pair of dedicated educators begin to grow disillusioned with the failures of the traditional education system, they decide to take matters into their own hands...

Cue, Diversity Dawn Academy!

It is a day like any other in Ridgeview City, California—and to Benjamin Diamonds and Sarah Mitchell, that's not okay.

Combined decades worth of experience in the academe have shown them the things only students of marginalized groups have gone through: oppression, slurs, name-calling, beatings, and ostracization, all on account of things beyond their control. For the longest time, they felt the need to correct the situation but had no idea how to go about it...

Until a chance encounter unites Benjamin and Sarah, and everything changes. For the first time, they meet someone who shares their hunger for reform, enkindling a fire in their hearts.

Following a long, weary process laced with skepticism, harsh words, and communal backlash, they successfully establish an alternative education program. They encounter ups and downs, thicks and thins, but Diversity Dawn Academy and its students rise above them against all odds!

And as for Benjamin and Sarah, the unspoken feelings brewing between them soon become clear...

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